Choosing your Location

Lets pick the perfect location for your session

Here are a few of my favorites

Runnymede Conservation Area

This area has beautiful tall oak trees with some gorgeous moss! There is also an open field with a tall grassy area.


Old Sugar Mill

Love this pretty little gem of a location, there is an open field,

an old brick building, and a cute little dock 


Harmony II

A little more urban with sidewalks, pretty trees, and a dock 


Alligator Lake Boat Ramp

oak trees on the side and a pretty dirt road with the lake beside

alligator lake.jpg

Chisholm Park 

super fun, laid back session full of splashing

lake session sant cloud photograper

Twin Oaks 

pretty dirt road with a windmill, and pretty tall grassy area

twin oaks.jpg

Beach session (additional travel fee)

I mean, just look at it!!! Soooo much gorgeousness!!


Disclaimer: weather, lighting and the season plays a huge role in your session. Your images may not look exactly like the photos listed